A Harmonious Indo-Continental fusion of spices, where the classics are given a modern twist

Our passion lies in taking timeless classics and giving them a modern twirl, creating a harmonious fusion of spices that will ignite your taste buds and transport you on a flavour-packed journey like no other.

Our History

Russell and Linda Burger are the creators of Spice Restaurant.

Spice Restaurant was born in April 2003 in a picturesque courtyard on Florida Road, Morningside, Durban. After a 5 year stint in the heart of Florida Road, they amassed a following of loyal customers, who diligently followed them to a grand old house in Windermere Road in Morningside.

After 5 years in Windermere, they followed a calling to move to the North to be closer to their home in Westbrook. As fate would have the it a prime spot below the Bali Hai building became available.

“The pictures don’t do justice to the amazing flavour of the food. I really enjoyed what I ordered: prawn curry, balti chicken and affogatto dessert. I’d highly recommend this restaurant and waitress who was absolutely friendly”